May. 18th, 2017

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In some families, it's hard to stand out...

Shinji, to his own great displeasure, was the last member of the bunch to complete his undergraduate degree.

Admittedly, Shige had graduated in Home Economics…

Keigo and Kunimitsu had both achieved firsts at Oxford last year. Keigo had moved to Cambridge to write his postgraduate thesis. Kunimitsu was working towards an MBA at Harvard. Kaoru, the little shit, was also on his second degree, having achieved a double first in mathematics and physics, when he was 16, in Chinese. They’d all trooped over to Beijing last summer for the ceremony at Shinghua University. Ken had cried (naturally) and Shinji couldn’t help thinking about the time when people called him a prodigy, in tennis.

“I think the standards were low,” Shige chipped in. (Shinji still did all his thinking aloud.)

“You would certainly be the one to know,” Kunimitsu observed from his seat by the window.

“Just ignore him,” Keigo added supportively.

I’m ignoring all of you,” Ken growled, as he finished removing the pins from the hem of Shinji’s robe. But to Shinji, who was standing on the dining table, he continued, “You’re done at last. Wanna give us a twirl?”

“Don’t fall off!” Fuwa said quickly, holding his hands out to help Shinji get back to the ground.

At least Shinji had a boyfriend.

“I dunno,” Ken said, when they’d all finished admiring the view. “I’ve never heard of anyone graduating in a jedi cosplay before. Fuck knows what your dad’s gonna say.”

“They’re art students,” Keigo reminded him. “Half the room will probably be dressed as a cardboard box.”

“Shinji’s outfit almost looks traditional though,” Shige remarked, scrolling through the photographs he’d just taken. He glanced towards Ken, grinning toothily. “Tell Brad it’s that! He’s American, he’ll never know.”

Kaoru... pointed silently towards Kabaji.

“I find your lack of faith disturbing,” Kabaji said, breathing heavily through his mask.


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