Oct. 16th, 2016

Bearing Up

Oct. 16th, 2016 12:20 pm
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Hidakas on holiday.

“Do you,” Ran began, then changed his mind, disguising the inappropriate thought behind another sip of his mai tai. Of course Ken hadn’t missed it.

“Do I what?”  The younger man was keeping a watchful eye on the kids as they splashed about but he turned around when Ran spoke.

“It’s nothing,” Ran insisted, wishing it was.  “I just...”  He made a vague gesture down his chest and then looked across the pool, to where Crawford was drying himself off after his swim. 

“Western men are much hairier than Japanese,” Aya-chan said brightly.  The minx.  “My brother wants to know if it bothers you.”

“Your brother is now mortified,” Ran replied, glaring across the table, but Ken was just laughing.  “He does get a bit shaggy when he’s wet.  You should see him in the shower.”

“I’d really rather not,” Ran muttered.

“Is it bad?” Aya-chan was still resolutely impervious to embarrassment.

“It’s okay,” Ken admitted, a hint of blush appearing under his tan.  “I mean, I obviously don’t dislike it and it would be kind of weird if he waxed.”  Ken had done that for a mission once and never again.  A more cheerful thought occurred to him.  He leaned in confidingly, seeing that the American was now on his way over.  “Can you imagine?  It hurts like shit right, sorry Aya, and he’d know it was going to.”

“We all know it’s going to,” Aya-chan said pertly, lowering her newly shaped eyebrows in a frown. “But oh yes!”

Ran smiled politely into his mai tai as Crawford approached.   He could appreciate Ken’s way of thinking but the relationship still baffled him.


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