Dec. 22nd, 2015

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“Hang on,” Ken said, checking the shuttle boarding passes for the umpteenth time. “These seats aren’t all together.”

“Well, we are a large party,” Mamoru replied blithely, apparently unperturbed by Ken’s look of utter disbelief. Travelling with a wealthy precognitive usually had its advantages.

“The boys are going to sit with Wufei,“ Nagi intoned.


“It will be absolutely fine,” Crawford assured him. “We will enjoy a quiet and restful flight and Chang will enjoy being a man of honour and restraint.  I’m assuming you have brought the ropes,” he added to his neighbour.

“Preventer issue,” Wufei replied sombrely.


As it turned out, travelling with a wealthy precognitive, and his even wealthier boyfriend, did confer some advantages. All three boys were invited to the flight deck and Ken lived his dream, of watching Kaoru see space for the first time. With a whole new galaxy of stars behind him, the captain explained the mission controls and course trajectory.  At least, that’s what Ken thought he was explaining.

“I thought you’d enjoy this,” Crawford murmured beside him.

“I can fix a bike,” Ken grumbled.

Crawford laughed, not unkindly. “They’ll throw him out in a minute.”

“He’ll be back,” Ken replied.


Of course, after the excitement of take-off, and the amazement at seeing Planet Earth from afar, came the reality that space travel (as a passenger) was actually quite dull.

“It’s just a posh bus,” Shige complained. “Except you can get off a bus.”

“You can get off a shuttle,” Wufei growled, “with help.”


“Hey dude,” a familiar voice boomed through Arrivals. “How was the trip?”

“Maxwell,” Wufei nodded curtly, already the epitome of calm and dignity while Ken, feeling as harried as he looked, struggled with the hand luggage.

Duo bounded over to them, offering his hand to Crawford and Mamoru and slinging his arm around Ken Junior’s shoulders. “Looks like someone hit the duty free.” He eyed the pile of bags.

 “Our resident shopaholic,” Mamoru grinned.

“I do have a credit card,” Keigo acknowledged demurely.

“Well, that's cool.”

“And probably unnecessary, once Quatre gets hold of him.” Trowa had joined them more quietly.


A small army of Winner retainers turned up to convey the visitors, and their increasing luggage, to the house which had been provided for them, just south of the colony’s thriving capital.

“Everything looks so old,” Shige remarked, as they drove through town. “But shiny.”

“It does have that newly polished gleam,” Trowa conceded, turning in the front passenger seat to talk to them. “Relena wanted to create a brave new kind of colony but Quatre’s sentimental, so we’ve ended up with Sanc.”

“In spaaace!” three boys chorused.

“Yes,” Trowa replied. As if he hadn’t heard it fifty times already.


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